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PPE Disposal is an issue!

In the last couple of years, PPE disposal has become a hot-button issue.

A comprehensive data analysis from Science Direct showed that we now create 1.6 million tonnes of PPE waste on a daily basis and it will likely undo years of work in removing plastic from our oceans. There’s enough plastic in our oceans without the addition of disposable PPE which has seen a permanent rise in sales.

In the UK alone we use 7.7 billion plastic bottles A YEAR.

All this plastic needs to go somewhere and that shouldn’t be our wonderful ocean.



The cradle-to-grave certification is part of The Carbon Neutral Protocol 2022, which we have opted for with Ecovive. Certified products are carbon neutral past the point of delivery and to the end of the product’s life. The carbon offset has been calculated from:

  • Sourcing of the raw materials
  • All Transport throughout the whole supply chain to the manufacturing facility and to the destination
  • Transport to the end user
  • All packaging used in the product
  • Manufacturing process


Once calculated with the savings that are made through the manufacturing process, we are left with an amount of carbon to offset to certify the product carbon neutral. We have achieved this via ‘Climate Impact Partners’ who are ‘ICROA’ accredited (International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance).

We have invested in the Acre Amazonian Rainforest Conservation REDD+ to offset the carbon that is produced for this range and certify ‘carbon Neutral Product’.

Let's make an impactful change

Savings per pair


Litres of water
saved per pair


Grams of CO2 saved per pair


Tonnes of tCO2e saved per pair


Uses 1 x 500ml recycled plastic bottle per pair


Kwh electricity saved per pair


PPE that also protects the planet

We know how important it is to do all we can to keep ourselves, and those around us, safe.

At Chelmsford Safety Supplies our number one priority is always the safety of you and your team, with sustainability being a very close second.

Eco-friendly PPE shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on quality – so we’re bringing you the eco-friendliest, most protective gloves in the game.

Environmentally conscious supply chain

Saves 5.15L of water per pair

Protecting our oceans, and landscapes

Reduces 227g carbon per glove

Recyclable certifications

Carbon Neutral from Cradle to Grave

Saves 1x500ml plastic bottle per pair

0.387Kwh electricity saved per pair

Biodegradable EN 5511

Pure materials OEKO-TEX approved

Environmentally conscious supply chain

Saves 5.15L of water per pair

Protecting our oceans, and landscapes

Carbon Neutral from Cradle to Grave

Saves 1x500ml plastic bottle per pair

0.387Kwh electricity saved per pair

Reduces 227g carbon per PAIR

Recycled Claim Standard (RCS)

Biodegradable EN 5511


Here's how we
make them!

With our completely carbon neutral manufacturing and delivery process, your carbon footprint will be the best it’s ever been after your first order. Interested in purchasing some Ecovive gloves of your own or would just like to peruse? Check out our collection of gloves below…
Untitled design (20)

En388:2016 4121A EN 407:2020 X 1 X X X X

New arrival - A74250

GeneraL Handling

  • Incredible moisture-management properties
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified
  • Close and comfortable fit
  • Micro-foam Nitrile coating offers 360° breathability
  • Microfoam structure for superior grip in wet and
    dry conditions
  • Ultra-thin coating for higher sensitivity
  • Reusable and washable

Sizes Available: 7 – 11

Limited Sample Stock

New arrival - A98450

Cut Protection

  • Touch screen sensitivity
  • TDM Cut Resistance Level “E”
  • ANSI Cut Resistance Level “A5”
  • Microfoam structure for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Reinforced Thumb crotch for extra protection
  • High visibility in low light environment
    360° breathability

Sizes Available: 7 – 11

Limited Sample Stock

Untitled design (26)

En388:2016 4X42E

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In a world where climate change destroys communities and natural habitats, let’s work together on a solution.

Switching to Ecovive directly contributes to your organisation’s sustainability goals, increases the likelihood of winning new business, and offers outstanding protection to your team!

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We work very closely with our account manager, I can always get hold of him and his knowledge of product and understanding of our company is at a very high level. Delivery is also as expected and on time. Product quality is very high. Chelmsford Safety are always focusing on protecting the future of our planet. I would highly recommend their products and services.
Hargreaves Services
Chelmsford Safety make our lives easier, from the online ordering portal to my account manager. I couldn't fault them as part of our supply chain.

Knowledge of their products and services are second to none, they are always there as a support not a pressure for sales as others in their market do. I would recommend Chelmsford Safety.
Powerday PLC
Now that you know all about the new Ecovive collection, you finally have a solution to your unsustainable PPE problem.


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